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How You Doin'?

Medium Roast
Single-Serve 12ct Box
Works in K-Cup® brewers*

An artisan balance of Colombian and Brazilian Arabicas, medium roasted with subtle chocolates, soft honey, fragrant blackberries, and a soothing finish. It’s the perfect foosball fuel.

Character: Medium Body, Smooth Acidity

Flavors: Subtle Chocolates, Lemon, Blackberry, Honey

Personality: Lively, Spirited, Alluring, Sophisticated Exuberance

  • Compostable Pods and Bags†

*K-Cup® is a registered trademark of Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. Central Perk Filter Cups™ are not affiliated with Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.

Additional Notes:
  • Orthodox Union Certified Kosher
  • Gluten Free
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